Donald Trump Curses, Says Our Leaders Are 'Stupid' (VIDEO)

Donald Trump Curses, Says Our Leaders Are 'Stupid'

Potential presidential candidate Donald Trump made colorful and eyebrow-raising remarks while speaking at the Treasure Island casino in Las Vegas on Thursday night.

He reportedly called the United States "not a great country" and cursed multiple times during his speech. The AP reports:

In one of his many curse-bombs, Trump lamented the nation's focus on building schools in war-torn Afghanistan, while neglecting education in the United States.

He said he would not help struggling nations such as South Korea or Libya without payment and promised to use swear words while negotiating with China.

"I'm not interested in protecting none of them unless they pay," he said.

A frequent critic of the federal health care law passed last year, Trump said the Supreme Court should decide the dozens of lawsuits challenging the legislation and urged district courts not to waste their time on it.

"Our leaders are stupid, they are stupid people," suggested Trump in taking issue with President Barack Obama's handling of foreign policy issues related to Libya, Iraq, China and Afghanistan. "It's just very, very sad."

According to the Las Vegas Sun, he asserted, “When people are screwing you, you don’t give them state dinners.” Rather, he said, McDonald’s should be served up instead.

Later in his remarks, the billionaire and real estate mogul reportedly said, "There is a really good chance that I won't win because of one of these blood-sucking politicians."

According to the Associated Press, the "lavish" event had an open bar and drew more than 1000 people. It was hosted by two Republican women's groups.

As for whether Trump is any closer to making a decision on whether or not he plans to run for president in 2012, the possible contender declined to confirm one way or the other on Thursday night. However, when one woman at the event shouted "run for president," the billionaire reportedly responded, "I think I am going to make you very happy on that."

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that Trump signaled he could be expected to decide on his plans for 2012 by June 1. "I've never done this before and who knows what will happen," he said.

Below, a clip of the speech Trump delivered on Thursday night.


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