Trevor Noah Proves Donald Trump Has The Mind Of A Toddler

Both love getting attention, building things and grabbing what they're not supposed to.

How does Donald Trump get away with saying outlandish things that aren’t true, such as claiming millions of people illegally voted on Election Day?

Trevor Noah has a theory: The president-elect has the mind of a toddler.

“It makes sense. He loves the same things toddlers do,” Noah said on Tuesday’s “The Daily Show.” “[They love] building things, they love attention [and they’re] always grabbing things they’re not supposed to.”

Once the media understands Trump’s toddler mind, Noah says, fact-checking his untrue statements will become easier.

“You don’t argue with a child if you want to win,” Noah said. “You just ask him to elaborate.”

Noah said that Trump will never admit he’s wrong about anything, but that isn’t the point.

“The point is to gently demoralize the toddler and smother his tantrums,” he said. “And, as a bonus, stop him from delegitimizing the press.”

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