Trevor Noah Predicts Trump Will Put White House On Airbnb

“The president is now the landlord in chief.”

President Donald Trump has shown little understanding of the American legal system or its nuclear arms treaty with Russia, but he does know real estate.

Which is why Trevor Noah fears that The Donald is using his knowledge to profit from the presidency.

“Look at what he’s done to the Department of Defense. He’s turning them into his tenants,” Noah said Thursday on “The Daily Show,” referring to the Defense Department’s possible move to rent Trump Tower space so it can work with him when he’s in New York.

“The president is now the landlord in chief,” Noah said, before imagining a tenant complaint. “You know what I hate about my landlord? He doesn’t fix my pipes, and he made me invade Iran.”

Noah believes that Trump is moving the White House to Trump Tower, since his wife, Melania is there as well as the Secret Service and, possibly, the Defense Department.

“He’s going to be spending so little time at the White House, I wouldn’t be surprised if he listed it on Airbnb,” Noah said. 



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