Donald Trump Wins Delaware Republican Presidential Primary

He defeated Ted Cruz and John Kasich ... again.

Business mogul Donald Trump won Delaware's Republican presidential primary Tuesday night. 

Trump defeated his rivals, Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, in The First State, where a total of 16 delegates were up for grabs. Trump also scored big wins in the four other states that held primaries on Tuesday night: Maryland, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. He needs 1,237 delegates to secure the Republican nomination. 

Polling in Delaware was scanty prior to Tuesday's election, but one survey by Gravis Marketing showed a somewhat typical spread -- Trump garnered 55 percent support, with Kasich getting 18 percent, and Cruz 15 percent. Twelve percent of voters said they hadn't decided.

Trump campaigned at a rally in Harrington on Friday. “Do we love Delaware -- do we love it,” he said at the event. 

Politico reported this week that Trump's campaign rankled some state party honchos by aggressively lobbying the party officials to include Trump supporters in its delegation to the GOP convention this summer.

Delaware is known for fine beaches and friendly corporate tax policies. Both Trump and Hillary Clinton have registered business addresses in the state. Trump praised Delaware's tax policies at his Friday rally. 

“I pay you all a lot of money. I don’t feel a bit guilty," Trump said. "Really they’ve done corporately a wonderful job here.”



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