Donald Trump Denounces Rumors About Melania Trump's Absence

"She is doing really well!" he said on Twitter.

President Donald Trump on Wednesday addressed rumors about first lady Melania Trump’s nearly monthlong withdrawal from the public eye, denying that there was anything nefarious about his wife’s absence.

The president also claimed that four reporters had spotted Melania Trump last week walking to a meeting, but said they chose not to report the sighting because it would have “hurt the sick narrative that she was living in a different part of the world, was really ill, or whatever.” He did not name any reporters or publications.

The first lady has not made any public appearances after her office said she was hospitalized following surgery for a benign kidney condition last month.

Speculation about the reason behind the first lady’s absence has included that she and the president were getting divorced, that she had undergone a plastic surgery procedure and that she had joined special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

On Monday, Melania Trump attended a private White House event that honored Gold Star military families. A Daily Caller reporter in attendance shared a blurry video that captured the president and the first lady.

Some were unconvinced by the video, speculating that Melania Trump’s return was actually staged by a doppelgänger to prevent further scrutiny.

A tweet from Melania Trump’s account included pictures of her sitting in the front row at the Gold Star families event.