Donald Trump Ridiculed For Reportedly Writing His Own Doctor's Note

"Back soon. Just dictating letter for my doctor touting my X-ray vision, bullet-proof skin and natural immunity to iocane powder."

A CNN report that President Donald Trump himself dictated a doctor’s letter detailing his glowing health sent tweeters into overdrive.

On Tuesday, Dr. Harold Bornstein claimed that Trump instructed him on what to write in the 2015 missive, which described the then-presidential candidate as having “extraordinary” physical strength and stamina. The note also stated that Trump would “unequivocally” be “the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency” should he win the 2016 election.

Bornstein’s new revelation had folks on Twitter imagining their own Trump-themed medical notes, recalling a past letter from his secretary that he may have dictated himself and highlighting some possible consequences: