Donald Trump Earns All-Important Dennis Rodman Endorsement

Donald Trump has picked up one of the 2016 election's earliest celebrity endorsements ... from NBA Hall of Famer and publicity stunt expert Dennis Rodman.

Rodman tweeted his support for The Donald's sideshow presidential campaign Friday, not long after he defended pro wrestler Hulk Hogan -- who, like Trump, has been embroiled in controversy over racist remarks.

Rodman, who aspires to a Nobel Peace Prize nomination, undertook his most prominent political activity in 2013 and 2014, when he embarked on a series of "basketball diplomacy" missions to North Korea. During those trips, he sang "Happy Birthday" to his "best friend" Kim Jong Un and drew criticism for insinuating that an American missionary was at fault for his own imprisonment in the country. 

The Obama administration denounced Rodman's actions in North Korea. Trump, however, called the trips "smart" and suggested that "maybe Dennis is a lot better than what we have" in the White House.