Police Seize Yuuuge Stash Of Donald Trump-Shaped Ecstasy Pills

Officers in Germany uncovered the illegal drugs during a random traffic stop over the weekend.

Police in northern Germany seized a batch of Donald Trump-shaped drugs over the weekend.

On Saturday night, officers in Osnabrück looked inside a van during a random traffic stop and uncovered a stash of 5,000 ecstasy pills which were pressed into the shape of the president’s head. The commander in chief’s face was stamped on the front and the word “Trump” appeared on the back.

Officials arrested the 51-year-old driver of the Austrian-registered vehicle and the passenger, his 17-year-old son, according to the department’s Facebook post.

The unidentified duo reportedly claimed they were driving towards the city of Hanover from the Netherlands, where police believe the drugs were produced.

The seizure followed the emergence last month of similar Trump-shaped pills, which Metro reported were being sold via the dark web.

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