Donald Trump Romney Endorsement Causes Media Chaos

News Sources Wondering Who Trump Will Endorse

Donald Trump's pending endorsement of a GOP candidate seems to be sending major media outlets into a tizzy.

After news broke on Wednesday that Trump planned to make a "major announcement" on Thursday, reports surfaced that Trump would endorse GOP candidate Newt Gingrich.

The New York Times, Associated Press, Politico, National Journal and CBS all initially reported that the "Celebrity Apprentice" host would announce his support of Gingrich. According to Politico, the Times was the first to report Trump's endorsement of Gingrich.

News sources like Drudge, however, reported that Trump would endorse GOP candidate Mitt Romney. By Thursday morning, news sources seemed to wonder — who's it going to be?

The Huffington Post's Michael Calderone tweeted that the Times had changed its original post to now state that Trump was going to endorse Romney. MSNBC ran a chryon, which is basically the banner viewers see at the bottom of their television screens, that asked, "Will Trump Endorse Gingrich Or Romney?" CBS News reported that "two sources close to Gingrich," who originally told the network that Trump would be endorsing the former Speaker of the House, are now saying that "Trump has his own agenda." CBS News and the Associated Press have also reported that sources close to Romney have told each news outlet that Trump plans to endorse the former Massachusetts Governor.

Trump is expected to make his endorsement announcement from Las Vegas on Thursday at 12:30 p.m.

Update: Trump endorsed Mitt Romney on Thursday.

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