Twitter Users Stand Up To Trump After He Demands Journalists Kneel, Beg Forgiveness

The president launches a wild new tirade against the media.

President Donald Trump was called out on social media Tuesday for demanding that The New York Times kneel before him and “beg for forgiveness.”

In his latest Twitter tantrum, which began with an attack on Nobel-winning economist and columnist Paul Krugman, Trump also called the Times the “Enemy of the People,” and falsely claimed the newspaper had apologized to him after the 2016 election:

Times White House correspondent Maggie Haberman ― who has also been a victim of Trump’s ire ― replied with a crack quoting a Superman villain:

The newspaper replied via Twitter with a link to a message from publisher A.G. Sulzberger that was printed after the president’s attacks on the media in February:

Critics on social media slammed the president:

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