Donald Trump, Please Remember Your Past Interest In The Environment

The Trump in this 1992 cameo appearance seems so distant now.

In 1992, current U.S. President-elect Donald Trump appeared in a television mini-series based off the 1990 Jackie Collins romance novel “Lady Boss.”

Trump, who won the U.S. presidential election early Wednesday morning, only makes a brief cameo in the series, but in a short scene, he expresses an enthusiasm for discussing the environment.

In it, Joan Rivers warmly greets Trump as he comes over to her table at a restaurant. The Rivers character tells Trump ― who plays himself ― that her and her friend are “talking about the environment.” To which Trump responds, “That sounds pretty interesting to me.”

This was most likely a scripted moment for Trump, but the dialogue is still startling compared to the tone Trump has repeatedly expressed regarding the environment. Over the course of his now successful campaign, Trump repeatedly talked with disdain about those who believe in climate change and even claimed the Chinese invented the idea of global warming.

Although it’s wholly unrelated to the environmental conversation, watching the cameo from 1992 is a particularly jarring experience given a statement the Rivers character makes right before Trump arrives. The character tells her movie producer friend to give a part to Mel Gibson, then adds, “Cute little butt. I just love looking at naked movie stars.”

Sometimes you wake up and the world isn’t the same place you thought it was the day before. Is it just me, or is it getting really hot in here? 



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