Donald Trump Accidentally Attacked E.T. And Became A Hilarious Alien Meme

Christianity Today called for Trump's removal from office and his angry response is going viral for a funny reason.

Donald Trump’s war of words with evangelical magazine Christianity Today became an amusing alien meme after the president appeared to incorrectly abbreviate the publication to the initials “ET” in a tweet.

Trump claimed in a Twitter rant on Friday he “won’t be reading ET again” after the magazine called for his removal from office in an editorial that went viral.

Tweeters responded with mocking images and gifs of the animatronic star of Steven Spielberg’s hit 1982 movie “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial.”

“ET?... Now we know why you created Space Force,” wrote one person.

Added another: “Donald Trump is a #FakeChristian who can’t figure out if he’s attacking evangelical leaders, or ET the extraterrestrial, or Entertainment Tonight.”

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