Trump Posts News So Fake That Tucker Carlson Had To Apologize For It

Trump's latest false claim was debunked before he even made it.

President Donald Trump posted some fake news on Tuesday night, sharing a Fox News story by Tucker Carlson that Carlson himself had already apologized for broadcasting.

Trump’s tweet linked to a report by Carlson claiming that dead people had voted in Georgia, a state won by President-elect Joe Biden.

DEAD PEOPLE VOTED” Trump shout-tweeted with a link to Carlson’s report, which noted in the first line that Carlson had to correct it. The initial story claimed that the late James Blalock had voted in the 2020 election. In reality, it was his widow who voted under the name “Mrs. James Blalock.”

Carlson apologized on the air on Friday.

Atlanta’s 11Alive News broke the story after simply knocking on the widow’s door to ask her about the vote.

“He’s not voting. He didn’t vote,” Agnes Blalock told the station. “It was me.”

11Alive’s Brendan Keefe said on Twitter that of the four supposed dead voters in Georgia that were highlighted by the Trump campaign, two were alive, one was dead but did not vote and a fourth remained under investigation.

Georgia officials said that despite Trump’s claims to the contrary there was no evidence of any widespread fraud in the state, which went Democratic in a presidential contest for the first time since 1992.

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