Donald Trump Fan Goes Off On Expletive-Filled Rant On MSNBC

"Unappreciative motherf**kers.”

As anyone who has watched one of Donald Trump’s political rallies knows, he has some incredibly zealous supporters. 

One of those fans expressed her passion for the president elect in an expletive-filled rant that aired on MSNBC late Thursday. As reporter Cal Perry interviewed an anti-Trump protester in New York City, a woman wearing a Trump-Pence shirt interrupted the interview to decry the network’s coverage of the demonstration.

“Why don’t you get it on camera that he recruited immigrants to help him build towers so he could put them up? You don’t get that on camera, right? This is what you get on camera,” she said, pointing to the protester next to her. “You wait until they bait [Trump], and then you edit it, right? You don’t include the fact that we have an awesome, awesome president now who took a step down from unappreciative motherfuckers.”

When Perry asked for the woman’s name, she said, “You’re not getting my name. You’re getting a fuck you. Because you don’t give it as it really is. You don’t give it or portray it as it really is: A good man, with a good, awesome heart who traveled the world, feeding the kids. You fucking motherfucker.”

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