Donald Trump Fell In Love With His Debate Chair Right Before Our Eyes

Children, look away!

It’s not often that we’re able to witness love blossom on live television. I’m talking, of course, about Donald Trump taking the stage for the second presidential debate, and that same debate chair taking his heart.

It happened right before our very eyes, and some of you probably didn’t even notice. Well, then it’s a good thing I’m here to recap it for you.

  • Once again, Trump can only be brought back from the brink if everyone claps their hands.
    MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images
  • "Oh ... hi there, chair."
    TIMOTHY A. CLARY via Getty Images
  • "Heh ... that chair's pretty cute."
    ROBYN BECK via Getty Images
  • "So, you come to these debates often?"
    Bloomberg via Getty Images
  • "No, of course she's not prettier than you."
    Bloomberg via Getty Images
  • "What the hell? Did she just say something insulting about Chair Americans??"
    Pool via Getty Images
  • "Hey! If you've got something to say about chairs, you can say it to my face!"
    AFP via Getty Images
  • "Can you believe that? Unbelievably insulting to chairs."
    Bloomberg via Getty Images
  • "It's OK. You're OK."
    TASOS KATOPODIS via Getty Images
  • "You're all tense. Let me work those knots out."
    Bloomberg via Getty Images
  • "Mmm-hmm. You've got nice legs, by the way."
    Lucy Nicholson / Reuters
  • "You know what? This might sound crazy, but ... I think I love you, chair."
    ROBYN BECK via Getty Images
  • "That's it, I'm in love. I can't explain it. You weren't imported from Eastern Europe, were you?"
    TIMOTHY A. CLARY via Getty Images
  • "Ha! I don't care who knows it, I love you! I want to sing to you in front of the whole world!"
    Bloomberg via Getty Images
  • "Mooooooooooon riverrrrrr ..."
    Bloomberg via Getty Images
  • "All this talk of destroying ISIS is getting me a little ... hot."
    Bloomberg via Getty Images
  • "Okay, looks like she's got 20 seconds left. That's all the time I'll need."
    Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images
  • "Time to take this to the next level."
    Scott Olson via Getty Images
  • Lucy Nicholson / Reuters
  • Getty
  • "No, I'll call you before the next debate, I promise, chair!"
    SAUL LOEB via Getty Images
  • (Good night, indeed.)
    Julio Cortez/AP


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