Donald Trump Finds A Latina Fan And It's A Whole Thing

Trump gets lucky in Las Vegas.

Donald Trump seems to have found someone who loves him almost as much as he loves himself.

During a campaign stop in Nevada Thursday, the Republican candidate spotted a woman waving an issue of People magazine featuring Trump’s family on the cover. “Come here. Let me have that,” he said, reaching for the magazine. She offered him her hand instead. 

Trump led the woman--magazine in hand--on stage, where she told the billionaire presidential hopeful she was from Colombia before professing her love and support for him. “I’m Hispanic and I vote for Mr. Trump,” she shouted, waving the magazine in one hand, just out of Trump’s reach, and an American flag in the other. “Mr. Trump! We love you! We love you all the way to the White House!”

Delighted, Trump grabbed the woman from behind, then kissed her awkwardly on her head as he grabbed the magazine from her hand--huzzah!

“I swear to you --I think she's totally beautiful and great. I never met her before. I swear," he said before launching into an entire spiel about his cover photo.

The entire thing was incredibly uncomfortable to watch. See for yourself. Watch the awkward encounter in the video clip above.

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