Watch As Trump And Japanese Leader Totally Give Up On Feeding Fish In Japan

A photo opportunity in Tokyo goes off-script in the weirdest way.

There’s something fishy going on in Tokyo, where President Donald Trump’s trip to Asia had a lighter moment on Monday after a photo opportunity went a little off-script.

Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe were feeding fish at Akasaka Palace in Tokyo. Each held a small box and a spoon to toss small amounts of fish food into the water.

TORU HANAI via Getty Images

Abe then dispensed with his spoon and simply dumped his fish flakes into the pond.

Trump was followed suit, albeit with a tad more flourish.

JIM WATSON via Getty Images

The night before, however, ABC News tweeted a clip that omitted Abe dumping out his box, and Twitter briefly rose to take the bait:

This article initially cited early reports that omitted Shinzo Abe leading the fish food charge, and has been updated to include more complete footage.

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