Donald Trump's Eating Habits Are More Than A Little Off-Putting

We're yuuuge-ly concerned about the way he takes his meat. 😕 🍔

Very little about Donald Trump is agreeable ― right down to how he takes his morning eggs.

The reality star-turned-presidential nominee has shown a preference for food prepared in offbeat ways, like eggs cooked “over-well” and steaks charred way, WAAAY past any chef’s breaking point.

We’re not saying food makes a candidate. But if you are what you eat, then Donald Trump is overdone indeed. Here are five things he apparently loves to eat:

Overcooked Steak
Stephen Lovekin via Getty Images
Though he's a purveyor of fine steaks, Trump likes his own steak cooked to a barely edible crisp, his former butler told The New York Times. Yum.
Bacon and "Over-Well" Eggs
Elena Moiseeva via Getty Images
"I love bacon and eggs," Trump told People last year. But not just any breakfast fry-up will do: Trump likes the bacon cooked "medium" and the eggs "over-well."
Taco Bowls
On Cinco de Mayo, Trump tweeted a photo of himself with a taco bowl from the Trump Tower Grill (of course). "I love Hispanics!" he added. Unsurprisingly, the plug massively backfired.

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