Donald Trump For President? New Hampshire Residents Polled About Potential Run

Donald Trump 2012?

Time magazine is reporting that residents in New Hampshire were polled about prospective Republican candidates for president — and that they were asked 30 questions about Donald Trump. According to Time, the pollsters asked people if they knew that Trump had donated to Democrats and how they thought his television career would affect a potential run for the White House.

In an interview with CNN on Monday, Trump insisted he had nothing to do with the poll — Time could not find out who did — but said that he understood why his name might be in the air:

"I think the United States is a kicking bag for the rest of the world, virtually. I mean we're being ripped off by OPEC. We're being ripped off with all of the wars. We're protecting people...we're not very smart. Let's put it that way. We are not very I have been outspoken about things such as that. And I guess people are doing polls. But it's certainly not me."

WATCH (via Time):

Trump also praised New Hampshire, always a key state in any presidential campaign.

"I really like the people of New Hampshire because they are strong people, they are intelligent people," he said. "They know what's happening to this country is wrong. So I can understand why I did well in a poll."

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