Donald Trump Won't 'Rule Out' Reversing 2012 Presidential Decision (VIDEO)

Donald Trump signaled he could reverse his decision to forgo a presidential run in the next election cycle during an appearance on "Fox & Friends" on Monday morning.

"I can't rule out anything," he said, adding that it's "vital" for Republicans to select the right person to go up against President Barack Obama in 2012. "I don't see that person."

Trump questioned whether he made the right choice in signaling he would not pursue a bid for the White House several weeks ago. His remarks come on the heels of the season finale of "Celebrity Apprentice."

The AP reported at the time Trump said he would not run in 2012:

The announcement, ending a colorful and attention-grabbing chapter in the unfolding GOP nominating race, surprised some strategists who said Trump had been assembling a campaign team and had been expected to announce his candidacy soon. This spring, Trump had gained considerable attention by stirring renewed controversy over President Barack Obama's Hawaii birth, leading the White House to persuade the state to release a copy of Obama's long-form birth certificate after two years of dismissing the issue.

Trump expressed dissatisfaction with the state of the Republican presidential primary field on Monday morning.

"The ones that have announced, I just don't see it," he lamented. "At this point in time, they're not going to be beating Obama."

Trump suggested that criticism he's faced in recent months while teasing he could run for president has not had an adverse effect on his personal brand.

"I've been attacked all my life," he said. "But you give up so much when you do this, and it was just a decision I made."