Donald Trump In 'Game Of Thrones' Is Exactly What Westeros Doesn't Need

Mashup drops presidential candidate right into the Seven Kingdoms.

Forget worrying about winter coming; it's Donald Trump we should be wary of.

The Republican presidential candidate has been effortlessly inserted into "Game of Thrones" in this spectacular mashup clip.

His face, real quotes and speeches are cut into scenes from the hit HBO fantasy drama. And with all the grandstanding and skullduggery that goes on in the Seven Kingdoms, it seems as if Trump actually belongs there.

Australian political satirist Huw Parkinson produced the "Winter Is Trumping" video for Australian Broadcasting Corporation's "Insiders" show.

It begins with Trump turning Daenerys Targaryen away from the city of Qarth.

Trump later says he'll build a wall (presumably to match "The Wall" in the show) to restore "control," slams Pope Francis, negotiates with Littlefinger and prepares for battle alongside Tyrion Lannister.

Parkinson posted the clip to YouTube on Saturday, and it's going viral with more than 400,000 views.

Editor's Note: Donald Trump is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist,birther and bully who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims -- 1.6 billion members of an entire religion -- from entering the U.S.

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