Donald Trump Shouting ‘Get Me A Coke’ On Cohen Tape Sets Twitter Alight

"To Iranian President Rouhani: GET ME A COKE."

Tweeters are thirsting over one particular moment from the secretly recorded conversation between President Donald Trump and his former personal attorney Michael Cohen.

In audio recorded by Cohen in 2016 that CNN aired Tuesday night, Trump abruptly interrupted the lawyer as they discussed a payment to former Playboy model Karen McDougal (with whom Trump allegedly had an affair) to demand that someone “get me a Coke.”

Trump’s demand comes at the 2:30 mark below:

Guess he didn’t have his red button handy at the time ― the one that reportedly sits on the president’s Oval Office desk to summon a White House butler with a Coke.

Trump, on the tape, then said what various accounts report as either “please” or “Liz” before returning to the matter at hand.

The tape itself has caused a political stir, showing that Cohen is escalating his break with Trump.

But many people on Twitter couldn’t resist using their new favorite catchphrase “get me a Coke” to have fun at the president’s expense: