CNBC Caves To Trump, Agrees To Limit GOP Debate To 2 Hours

This actually might not be a bad thing.

Looks like Donald Trump is getting his way.

Trump and fellow Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson sent a letter to CNBC on Thursday threatening to not participate in the next GOP debate if it exceeded 120 minutes, including commercial breaks. In a tweet Thursday, Trump claimed CNBC had agreed to limit the debate to two hours.

Both Politico and CNN reported Trump's claims were true, saying the Republican National Committee began calling campaigns Friday morning to inform them the debate would be restricted to 120 minutes.

The business mogul also took to Twitter to make his disdain for a long debate known.

Trump complained that hosting network CNBC was "pushing the GOP around" by asking for more time in the debate in order to accommodate commercials.

CNBC and the RNC did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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