Hey Trump, You Know Who Else Held Rallies Where Kids Sang About Crushing Their Enemies?

This song will no doubt make America great again.

A trio of patriotically clad little girls danced and sang about American might at a Donald Trump campaign rally on Wednesday night, tossing out lyrics that were both bewildering and remarkably on-brand for the billionaire real estate mogul and his supporters.

"Enemies ... of freedom ... face the music ... c'mon boys, take them down ... President Donald Trump knows how ... to make America great ... deal from strength or get crushed every time," their voices rang out, seemingly lip-synced, from the PA system.

Moments later, the girls used the word "Ameritude," which as far as Google is concerned had never been used before. History in the making.

After another verse and a few awkwardly choreographed dance moves, the troop, all members of the aptly named USA Freedom Kids, finished their act. Then Trump took the stage, where he bragged about his position atop the GOP primary polls and called a sound technician a "son of a bitch" and a "bastard." Hopefully the kids were gone by then.

Some viewers, however, couldn't get over the opening act, which they thought seemed eerily familiar.

And in all fairness, these comparisons aren't totally unwarranted.

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