Trump Attempts To Sing National Anthem But Can't Be Bothered To Finish

The president also appeared to stumble over the words to "God Bless America."

Considering how angry President Donald Trump gets when NFL players kneel during the national anthem, you think he’d actually bother to learn the lyrics to “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

However, that doesn’t appear to be the case. Video footage taken Tuesday shows Trump attempting to sing along to the national anthem at the White House during a “Celebration of America” event. The president appears to lose interest around the line, “were so gallantly streaming.”

The event was meant to be a White House Super Bowl celebration, but the president disinvited Super Bowl champs the Philadelphia Eagles. Trump has long accused NFL players who refuse to stand for the anthem of being unpatriotic.

However, Trump’s questionable anthem skills are not new.

In January, Trump did not appear to sing all of the national anthem at the College Football Playoff National Championship game.

To be fair, the lyrics to the anthem don’t trip off the tongue and the melody is daunting for even professional singers.

Still, the president doesn’t seem to be too familiar with many American patriotic songs because he also had trouble with the eminently more singable “God Bless America.”

As the video shows, Trump gave up after a while and just bobbled his head sort of in time to the music.

As you might expect, Twitter users had lots to say about the president’s performance of these classic patriotic songs.

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