Donald Trump To Meet With Editors Of New Yorker, Vanity Fair And Vogue

The president-elect is preparing for an off-the-record meeting with David Remnick, Graydon Carter, Anna Wintour and other Condé Nast bigshots.
Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter has feuded with Donald Trump for decades. 
Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter has feuded with Donald Trump for decades. 

NEW YORK ― President-elect Donald Trump responded to Vanity Fair publishing a savage review of the Trump Grill last month by suggesting the magazine’s “no talent” editor, Graydon Carter, “will be out.”

But on Friday, it’s Trump who will be inside Condé Nast, home to Vanity Fair and publications including The New Yorker, Vogue, Teen Vogue, Wired, GQ and Glamour.

Trump is scheduled sit down with Carter and other members of Condé Nast’s leadership team, including Vogue editor and longtime Democratic donor Anna Wintour, at the company’s World Trade Center headquarters. Trump already met with Wintour last month at Trump Tower, on the same day he spoke to Kanye West.

It’s the Carter meeting that will be watched most closely, given the pair’s decades-long feud. Carter dubbed Trump a “short-fingered vulgarian” in the pages of the late Spy magazine, an insult that has continued to rankle the businessman. Carter also took aim at Trump during his presidential campaign, and wrote after the election that “only in America could a man whose staff took away his Twitter account be given the nuclear codes.”

New Yorker editor David Remnick, who called Trump’s victory “nothing less than a tragedy for the American republic,” will also attend. 

Politico first reported on Trump’s upcoming visit to Condé Nast, details of which The Huffington Post confirmed through a company source. 

Condé Nast has held similar off-the-record meetings between major newsmakers and its top editors and design directors. During the campaign, the company invited both Trump and Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton to such meetings, but only Clinton attended.

Trump routinely blasts the media, but he’s also a creature of it. His desk and office walls are covered with magazine covers he’s adorned, and he’s a cable news junkie. So it shouldn’t be surprising he’d accept an opportunity to sit down with some of the magazine industry’s most influential players. 

Since the election, he’s already met with top television executives and anchors, whom he scolded during an off-the-record gathering at Trump Tower. Two days later, Trump visited The New York Times for an on-the-record discussion with a group of executives, editors, reporters and columnists.

But amid these closed-door meetings with influential media figures, Trump still hasn’t held a full-fledged press conference since being elected, a break with tradition. He has said that he’ll hold one on Jan. 11.