Donald Trump As A Hacker? Seth Meyers Loves The Idea

"You start analyzing the crime, the hacking is the crime," Rudy Giuliani says.

Rudy Giuliani made the media rounds over the weekend for his “No Collusion Press Tour,” but he hit a new chord when he said: ”I don’t even know if that’s a crime, colluding about Russians. You start analyzing the crime, the hacking is the crime. Well, the president didn’t hack!”

After showing a video clip of Giuliani saying that, “Late Night” host Seth Meyers declared, “Nothing makes me happier than imagining Donald Trump personally doing the hack.”

According to The Washington Post, the CIA believes Russia used hackers to intervene in the 2016 election and help Trump win the presidency. On Monday, Meyers reminded his viewers that Trump said the hacker could be “some guy in New Jersey.”

Check out the video above to see who Meyers settled on as his No. 1 hacking suspect.