Trump Retweets Unflattering Photo, Says His 'Hair Looks Good'

Twitter mocks the president's makeup skills after a photographer shared a bright image revealing his two-toned face.

President Donald Trump retweeted an unflattering photo of himself Saturday, complaining that the post was intended to “demean” him — but insisted his “hair looks good.”

He shared a black-and-white version of an image that was trending on Twitter under the hashtag “Orange Face.” The original color photo appears to show a bright orange makeup or tan or spray-tan line around Trump’s face as the wind blows his hair back upon his return to the White House from North Carolina on Friday.

Trump insisted the image had been “photoshopped, obviously” to demean him, and called it “more fake news.” But, he wrote, “the hair” looked good.

The image was originally posted by William Moon on the unverified Twitter account “White House Photos.” Moon is an apparent Trump fan based on his social media presence, and he describes himself as a White House correspondent, though it’s not clear where he publishes. He is not associated with the White House or with the White House News Photographers Association, but does post photos from open press events, according to Vox.

In a tweet, Moon said the image was “never photoshopped,” but said the color was adjusted using “the Apple smartphone’s photo app.” Moon later told BuzzFeed that the “sunset was reflected on the president’s face and hair.” The black-and-white version that Trump posted does appear to have been altered to further emphasize the contrasting tones on Trump’s face.

Moon’s original photo, however, is similar to photos taken by The Associated Press (below) and Getty Images, which also clearly show a line around the president’s face. But the color in those photos is more subdued, and Trump’s hair appears whiter.


Another post from Moon also isn’t quite so orange.

Trump has faced scrutiny for “the hair” in the past, especially in the wind, like here when he mounted the steps of Air Force One for a trip in 2017. The criticism seems to have struck a nerve, leading him to focus on his windswept hair in Moon’s photo.

Unsurprisingly, Moon’s tweet launched a flood of memes and comments.

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