Yes, Donald Trump Is Going In Disney's Hall Of Presidents

Not even Disney World is safe.

Yuge news: Donald Trump is currently being added to Disney World’s Hall of Presidents.

The animatronic stage show features realistic figures of every U.S. president, some of whom move and talk as they explain the country’s origins. The classic Orlando attraction was designed to serve as a “grand cavalcade of history” by Walt Disney himself.

The Hall of Presidents is closed as of Tuesday for the installation of a Trump figure, according to a Disney spokesman. It will reopen June 30, with that familiar orange face on the same stage as Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington.

If reality hadn't sunk in already, it certainly has now. 
If reality hadn't sunk in already, it certainly has now. 

The Hall of Presidents show includes a “roll call” in which each presidential figure is spotlighted as his name is announced aloud. Some ― like Abraham Lincoln, a hero of Walt Disney’s ― move and talk as they make longer speeches.

The Obama figure’s speech will give you chills. And Trump’s may too, though not for the same reasons.

It’s still uncertain if the new Trump figure will merely be announced in the roll call or make a speech, the Disney spokesman told HuffPost. Both the George W. Bush and Obama figures made speeches during their respective times in office.

So, only time will tell. And frankly, we wouldn’t mind waiting a bit longer to find out.