This Animation Perfectly Captures The Weirdness Of Donald Trump’s Handshake

So bizarre.

President Donald Trump may claim to know the art of the deal, but it seems he’s yet to master the art of the handshake.

The bizarre way he often greets people has come to the fore in recent days after video of his extended handshake with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzō Abe went viral, before Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau found a way to counter the move.

With that in mind, freelance CGI animator Anders Ryttar paid tribute to Trump’s odd hip-jerking clasps with this computer generated GIF:

“I felt that Trump’s handshake thing was so bizarre that the idea came to me instantly,” the Sweden-based Ryttar told The Huffington Post via email on Thursday. “Sometimes you just have to do stuff that is just fun and not terribly serious.”

Ryttar’s clip went viral after online image sharing community, Imgur, shared it to Twitter. Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling was among the thousands of people to retweet it.

“I feel flattered of course,” Ryttar said of the attention his animation had received. He added he would have “spent a bit more than three hours on it had I known so many people would look at it.”

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