Delusional Trump Tells Hanukkah Party Guests 'We're Gonna Win' Election He Just Lost

Guests at the White House party chanted "four more years" in response to the president's latest bogus claim.

President Donald Trump falsely declared during a White House Hanukkah party on Wednesday that “we’re gonna win this election in a landslide” if “certain very important people” have wisdom and courage.

Trump’s bogus claim prompted guests to chant “four more years.” To be clear, Trump lost the election and Joe Biden is now the president-elect.

CNN’s Don Lemon was bewildered by the president’s address, which came after the Supreme Court shot down a GOP attempt to reverse Pennsylvania’s certification of Biden’s win in the state.

“That’s a con. That’s not true. It is not going to happen. It’s just not,” Lemon said on Wednesday’s broadcast of “CNN Tonight” about Trump’s comments at the White House party, where many attendees were filmed wearing masks but standing close together.

Trump and his administration have faced widespread criticism for holding in-person holiday parties in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. On Wednesday, the United States experienced its highest daily death toll yet as at least 3,124 people died from COVID-19.

“And if someone really respected you, and had your best interests at heart, they don’t lie to you,” Lemon added. “They don’t give you false hope. They tell you the truth.”

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