43 Times Donald Trump Has Attacked The Media As A Presidential Candidate

"Some of the media is among the worst people I've ever met...a pretty good percentage is really a terrible group of people."

NEW YORK -- Donald Trump swears he's not thin-skinned.

"I don't mind a bad story," he told CBS News anchor Scott Pelley on Sunday night. "If you did a bad story on me for '60 Minutes,' if it were a fair story I wouldn't be thin-skinned at all."

"You know, some of the media is among the worst people I've ever met," Trump continued. "I mean a pretty good percentage is really a terrible group of people. They write lies, they write false stories. They know they're false. It makes no difference. And frankly I don't call it thin-skinned, I'm angry."

Republican primaries are always a good time for a little media bashing. Candidates have nothing to lose by snapping at a New York Times reporter or telling a gathering of the conservative faithful how they've stopped reading the paper.

But Trump's presidential campaign has doubled as a seemingly endless attack on the media, with a steady stream of gripes and grievances uttered in TV interviews, on the campaign trail and on social media. And Trump hasn't only swatted at the so-called "liberal media" -- an easy applause line for conservative audience -- but has criticized some of the right's most influential columnists (Charles Krauthammer, George Will), its most venerable magazine (National Review) and its most powerful media outlet (Fox News). He's also strayed from past candidates by not merely calling out perceived partisan bias, but getting downright personal when it comes to the "dopey" "losers" in the media.

Trump's four-and-a-half-month-long critique has come even as he's received more media attention than any 2016 candidate, Sunday shows and cable networks make every effort to accommodate him, and editors line up to get him on the cover.

"I'm on a lot of covers," Trump said in the "60 Minutes" interview. "I think maybe more than almost any supermodel. I think more than any supermodel. But in a way that is a sign of respect, people are respecting what you are doing."

Still, Trump rarely has gone a few days without taking shots at the press, sometimes critiquing several outlets or journalists in a single morning or afternoon, as The Huffington Post found when revisiting the the real estate developer's greatest hits since announcing his run for president on June 16. Here are 43 times he's gone on the offensive as a presidential candidate:

June 17: The Daily News

"When I watch a George Will or a Charles Krauthammer, you know, I've watched them for years, they're losers. They're just losers. They sit there, they haven't done anything," Trump added.

June 21: Martha Raddatz

June 21: "Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace

June 24: "Today" and "Morning Joe" co-host Willie Geist

June 25: MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell

June 25: Univision

"They don't want me saying that Mexico is killing the United States in trade and killing the United States at the border," Trump told The Associated Press on Thursday. "Univision is totally laying down for the Mexican government. ... They want to silence Donald Trump. And Donald Trump can't be silenced. ... I have great respect for Mexico and I love the Mexican people, but my loyalty is to the United States."

June 26: (continued)

June 28: The Daily News

July 7 : Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart:

"Don't be naive. You're a very naive person," he said.

When Tur stumbled while referencing some statistics to bolster her point, Trump mocked her inability to get the question out.

"Try getting it out. Try getting it out. I mean, I don't know if you're going to put this on television. But you don't even know what you're talking about. Try getting it out, go ahead," he said.

July 12: NBC “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd

July 17: The Huffington Post (after moving coverage of him from Politics to Entertainment section)

"The only clown show in this scenario is the Huffington Post pretending to be a legitimate news source."

July 18: (continued)

July 18: CNN

On the campaign trail in Iowa, a state whose people I have truly gotten to know and love, I have been treated very badly by the Des Moines Register. They were uneven and inconsistent, but far more importantly, very dishonest. They would rarely write the facts or report what really took place."

July 22: CNN "AC360" guest and Bloomberg View publisher Tim O'Brien

July 23: (continued)

“That’s a typical case of the press with misinterpretation. They take a half a sentence, they take a half a sentence, by they way, then they take quarter of a sentence and put it all together. It’s a typical thing. And you're with Telemundo and Telemundo should be ashamed.

July 25: Des Moines Register, again

July 29: Harry Hurt, author and host for Yahoo! News' Weekend Edition

Aug. 3: The New York Times

Aug. 7: Fox News debate moderators

Aug. 7 Fox News host Megyn Kelly, specifically

And again that night:

"You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her -- wherever."

Aug. 8: RedState editor Erick Erickson

Aug. 7: Krauthammer again

Aug. 13: The Associated Press and Huffington Post

Aug. 17: George Will, again

Aug. 21: ABC News anchor/correspondent Tom Llamas

Aug. 21: ABC’s “World News Tonight"

Aug. 22: Politico

Aug. 24: Megyn Kelly, round two

Aug. 26: Univision's Jorge Ramos

Sept. 1: Fox News contributor Karl Rove

Sept 3: Radio host Hugh Hewitt

“This third-rate radio announcer that I did his show. It was like, gotcha, gotcha."

Sept. 21: Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor”

Sept. 22: Megyn Kelly, round three

Sept. 23: Fox News

Sept. 24: (Continued)

"I don't think anybody reads [National Review], Joe, I think it has no power whatsoever. And he's not a respected guy."

"The photographer is a f***ing thief,' an exasperated Trump boomed in a telephone interview, referring to the Associated Press photojournalist who shot the initial picture.

"Tell them they're a fraud, whoever took it. I just got killed on that thing, and it was just really unfair. It's godd**n unfair."

"The CNN reporter, absolutely horrible reporter, she starts off saying, 'Oh look, the room was half empty.' The room wasn't half empty. Everybody was standing right next to me in the front of the room. I want to tell you, you can tell [CNN president] Jeff Zucker, I think it was terrible, disgusting reporting."

Sept. 24: Politico

Sept. 24: New York Times reporter Jonathan Martin

On Saturday evening, Trump appeared hopeful for how he'd be covered the next night on "60 Minutes."

Though Trump didn't personally criticize the "60 Minutes" broadcast, he retweeted the following to his 4.3 million followers:

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