Trump Makes Prediction About Hillary Clinton

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said she won't be running for president again and will, in fact, make her current role in the administration her "last public position." Billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump apparently disagrees.

"I think, assuming she is healthy, which I hope she will be, I think she probably runs after the next four years, I would imagine," Trump predicted in an interview with Greta Van Susteren of Fox News on Wednesday.

"Hillary Clinton, I think, is a terrific woman. I mean I'm a little biased because I've known her for years. I live in New York, she lives in New York, I've known her and her husband for years and I really like them both a lot. And I think she really works hard," Trump said.

Despite all of Trump's praise, however, the surrogate for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and vocal critic of President Obama -- sometimes in birther fashion -- appeared hesitant to go against his recent trend of supporting Republican politics.

"I don't want to get into this because I'll get myself into trouble," said Trump, who left the GOP last year and registered as an independent. "I just like her. I like her and I like her husband."

Trump isn't the only one who's recently expressed excitement about the prospect of Clinton changing her mind about her political future.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) told BuzzFeed this month that she'd be encouraging Clinton to get in the race ahead of the next presidential election.

"I'm going to be one of the first to ask Hillary to run in 2016," she said. "I think she would be incredibly well-poised to be our next Democratic president. I think she's extremely well prepared. Her experience as Secretary of State has not only elevated her stature and experience, but she's proven she's someone who can get things done and I think she'd be an outstanding candidate."

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