Donald Trump Chooses Hollywood-Focused Mag For First Cover And Photo Shoot

The publication dubbed the businessman "America's first reality TV presidential candidate."

Reality TV star Donald Trump chose The Hollywood Reporter -- a Los Angeles-based publication focused on the entertainment industry -- for his first magazine cover interview and photo shoot, as if to demonstrate he belongs next to the red-carpet coverage of celebrities.

At least THR seems to recognize Trump's Hollywood connections: The magazine dubbed him “America's first reality TV presidential candidate” on its cover.

In the Q&A, Trump spoke about his effect on ratings no fewer than five times. He talked in particular about his relationship with CNN's Jeff Zucker.

“Jeff is a friend of mine, but if I didn't get ratings he would not have all Trump all the time. I kid him about it. He wants to do documentaries. I say, ‘Jeff, I don't have time.’ But when I go on, the meter jumps,” Trump said. “He should pay me a fortune, right? They should all pay me for this. I'm doing this for nothing.”

Gabriel Arana is senior media editor at The Huffington Post.