Twitter Users Blast Donald Trump For Using Hurricane Harvey 'As Political Cover'

"This guy is such an awful freaking human being."

Twitter users are calling out President Donald Trump for announcing a raft of controversial measures on Friday night, just before Hurricane Harvey struck Texas.

Hundreds of tweeters have accused Trump of using the life-threatening weather event, which has seen tens of thousands of people fleeing the Gulf Coast, as a “political cover” to deflect attention away from his actions.

Late Friday, Trump signed a memo which bans transgender individuals from newly enlisting in the military and pardoned Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff of Maricopa County in Arizona who was convicted after illegally targeting Latinos and has a history of racist actions, via Twitter:

Sebastian Gorka, one of the Trump’s most controversial advisers, also quit the White House.

Each of those political developments would usually lead news bulletins, and so tweeters were keen to ensure that they weren’t forgotten about because of the devastating Category 4 storm.

Here’s a sampling of the reactions so far:

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