Stephen Colbert Suggests Other Tribute Acts For Donald Trump's Inauguration

Justlike Bieber?

Stephen Colbert believes it’s “a perfect fit” that a Bruce Springsteen tribute band is set to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration party.

“Who better to sing for a reality show president than a man pretending to be the Boss?” the “Late Show” host said Friday, in reference to the B-Street Band’s planned appearance at the Garden State Presidential Inaugural Gala in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 19.

After suggesting some of the songs that the group could play in honor of the soon-to-be president (“Born To Run Dad’s Company?”), the late night host then recommended other cover bands who may be called on to perform on the day.

Maroon 4 or Justlike Bieber, anyone?

Check it out around the 3:15 mark above.

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