But Wait, Donald Trump Is Actually Regina George

Raise your hand if you have felt personally victimized by Donald Trump.

Donald Trump's political campaign could read like a page from a high school burn book complete with name-calling the media, cyberbullying celebrities, and doxxing political opponents. In his refusal to be politically correct, Trump personifies a catty teenager, viciously gossiping in the classroom about Mexican Americans, or scrawling on a bathroom stall "Hillary Clinton can't satisfy her husband."

The latest victim of his wrath is Cady Heron Megyn Kelly. The Fox News anchor made the woeful choice of crossing the conservative party's HBIC, and is dearly paying the price for it. Compare what Trump said with quotes from Regina George that prove they're actually the same person.

Trump knows he's really rich and he wants you to know it too.

Despite declaring bankruptcy 4 times, Trump continues to remind us that he's "really rich." Although he claims to be worth $9 billion, Forbes magazine has its doubts, estimating a measly $4 billion is more exact.

Trump on American cars in Japan.

Vice quoted Trump on his statement about America's car industry during his presidential campaign announcement. "When do we beat Japan at anything?" Trump asked. "...When was the last time you saw a Chevrolet in Tokyo?" he questioned. Maybe a Trump commercial in Japan is in the near future.

Trump on Megyn Kelly.

Trump made several brash comments about Megyn Kelly, but the one-sided feud began at Republican primary debates after Kelly asked Trump why he referred to women as "fat pigs," "dogs," "slobs," and "disgusting animals."

Trump later talked about the debate online, retweeting a follower who called Kelly a "bimbo" and then he ranted about her "porn-star make up." Classic Regina.

Trump says you should be able to have all the drugs!

Never mind the dangers that come with addiction, according to Trump, all drugs should be legal. To his credit, Trump claims never to have tried illegal drugs in the past.

Trump on the 14th amendment and birthright citizenship.

Despite the 14th Amendment granting citizenship to all people born on US land, Trump sees this as a ploy for undocumented immigrant parents to gain citizenship by way of their American-born children.

Trump's controversial stance on immigration is ironic since both his ex- and current wife immigrated from European countries--neither women were legal citizens until ten years after living in America and marrying Trump.

Trump doxxed Lindsay Graham.

After temporarily falling out of the Republican party's good graces for saying that John McCain "wasn't a hero", to which Lindsay Graham responded by calling Trump a "jackass," Trump clapped back by giving out Graham's cell phone number during a live interview.

Trump on Mexican immigrants.

At his campaign launch Trump made racist comments about Mexican undocumented immigrants, equating them to violent criminals. Trump doesn't realize the hardships that undocumented immigrants experience, particularly in supporting a system that undervalues them.

Trump is deeply concerned about the world.

Trump thinks he's a pretty big deal everywhere, but especially in China, which is where he has devoted a significant amount of political attention. “Oh would China be in trouble," Trump stated if he were elected president, "The poor Chinese." It's obvious he's delusional.

Trump knows that the media is "obsessed" with him.

There are over 20 candidates vying for the Republican nomination, and yet we've been hearing about Trump over and over and over again in the media's coverage of the election. It's kind of an addiction at this point.

Hair Insurance.

This one's so obvious it doesn't need an explanation.

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