Donald Trump Is Right. The Election Is Rigged!

Hillary Clinton is up in the polls, and once again, Donald Trump is claiming the election is rigged.

Just two weeks after the close of the Republican National Convention -- and less than two weeks after Trump opened up a lead on Clinton -- Hillary is back up: 3 points in the latest Economist/YouGov poll; 6 points in the latest CBS News poll; 9 points, according to CNN; and 5 points with Public Policy Polling.

Not surprisingly, Donald Trump is not taking the news well. In typical Trump fashion, The Donald is playing the sore loser card, claiming the November election is "rigged."

"I'm afraid the election's going to be rigged, I have to be honest," Trump said this week. "I've been hearing about it for a long time. I'm telling you, November 8... that election is going to be rigged."

This is not the first time, of course, that Donald has claimed an election is rigged. He said the same thing about the GOP nomination -- a nomination that, ironically, he won.

"It's a rigged, disgusting dirty system," Trump said in April, speaking to an audience in New York about the GOP primary. "It's a dirty system, and only a non-politician would say it."

Trump, of course, went on to win the New York primary -- by a whopping 35 points! -- but did he let that victory, or any other victory, get in the way of doing what he does best? Whining about how "rigged" the system is? Of course not. He continued to whine, and this week he's at it again.

After being pummeled at the Democratic National Convention, humiliated by the Gold Star parents of a slain U.S. soldier, and called out for his bizarre reactions to a crying baby -- ironic, since the biggest crybaby at Donald Trump's rallies seems to be Trump himself -- The Donald was once again taking the media to task this week, and claiming the system is rigged against him.

"We gotta beat a totally dishonest machine," he told voters in Virginia this week. "It's a crooked system. We're running against a rigged system, and we're running against a dishonest media."

Rigged. Crooked. Dishonest. Disgusting! Get the picture, America? Your democratic system is so filthy and disgusting, that an otherwise decent candidate like Donald Trump doesn't stand a chance!

That's what Trump would have you believe, anyway.

And you know what? I'm starting to think Trump is right. Maybe the election is rigged. Maybe Donald Trump doesn't stand a chance. Why do I say this? I say this because the system -- the electoral process, the voters, our democracy itself -- does indeed seem to be stacked against him.

Let's take his stances on the issues. Trump's solution to global terrorism? Simple! We just ban an entire religion from entering the United States. This, of course, is insane. It's illegal, it's unconstitutional, it's impractical, and it's impossible, and the voters aren't buying it. He's sinking in the polls, his proposed Muslim ban has fallen flat, and as a result, it seems like the entire system is stacked against him.

Let's take his budget plan, too. Trump's budget could add $10 trillion to the U.S. debt! This, too, is insane. It's also impractical, not to mention unsustainable. The American people are noticing. He's sinking in the polls, the system is stacked against him, and his budget proposals look like they're dead on arrival.

Trump says Mexicans are rapists! He has no proof to back up this claim, but he keeps saying it anyway. The American people aren't buying it. He's dropping in the polls, even Republicans are fleeing his narrow-minded brand of xenophobia, and again, it's like the entire system is rigged against him.

Trump is backed by neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and members of the Ku Klux Klan. He doesn't think this is a problem, but the American people do. His support among non-white voters -- if he ever had any -- is fading. It's almost like the entire non-white, non-racist, non-neo-Nationalist vote is rigged against him!

Trump ridicules the handicapped, he pokes fun at women's looks, he insults the families of fallen soldiers, and he questions the heroism of war heroes. When he's asked a perfectly reasonable question by a perfectly qualified journalist, he questions that female journalist's professionalism by suggesting she's menstruating.

This, of course, is boorish, oafish, baboonish behavior that wouldn't be tolerated by the American people at any level of politics let alone the White House, and it seems to be working against him. Again, Trump is plummeting in the polls, the voters don't seem to care for his trash, and the entire system seems to be stacked against him.

So maybe Donald Trump is right. Maybe the system is rigged. Maybe a gutless, classless, trash-talking neo-Nationalist who insults women, Muslims, Mexicans, war heroes and the handicapped really can't get a break in 2016. It's almost like the whole system is -- wait for it -- rigged against him.

Unfortunately for Trump, he has nobody to blame for this but himself.