Donald Trump is Russell Hantz From "Survivor"

"Many consider him to be one of the show's greatest and most influential contestants, while others have strongly criticized his strategy, naming him one of the biggest villains in Survivor history." So says Wikipedia.

Russell Hantz was one of he most controversial players to star in the TV reality series "Survivor". While many were stunned and offended by his deceitful ways, he intrigued viewers and brought huge ratings to the show. He was very smart and clever and found many hidden Immunity Idols without even having any clues to where they were. He controlled the game as he made alliances and told other contestants how to vote.

Hantz also had a thin skin, becoming very angry and vengeful of anyone who tried to take him down by having his alliance vote out that person.

In his first showing on "Survivor: Somoa" (2009) he made it to the final three by using a strategy that he later explained was meant to psychologically weaken the other players in order to manipulate them. Hantz burnt his teammates' socks and emptied their canteen water behind their backs. He told them a false story about himself being a firefighter who survived Hurricane Katrina when he actually was a self-made oilman with a net worth of $2 million.

He also made it to the final three in his 2010 second season, which immediately followed and in which the "Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains" contestants had not been able to see his nasty tactics because his first season had not yet been broadcast.

In both cases he did not have enough votes to win because he had offended too many jury members who were his past teammates that felt betrayed by him.

By the time Hantz participated in his third 2011 season "Survivor: Redemption Island", contestants were on to his antics and his team immediately folded on their first immunity challenge so they could vote him out. Hantz later threatened legal action against his tribemates claiming they breached their Survivor contracts.

Jeff Probst, the host of the show has described Russell Hantz as "the most notorious" contestant in the history of "Survivor".

I bring up this sordid chapter in "Survivor" because Russell Hantz reminds me of a certain businessman by the name of Donald Trump currently running for president of the United States.

Both have garnered a lot of attention, both are leaders who influence people through lies and deceit. Both create chaos that allows them to manipulate others and in one case, the media. Both are egotists that are so super sensitive that they viciously lash out at anyone who opposes them. Both have threatened to sue whomever gets in their way in their quest for power.

Both are so narcissistic that they can't see that the strategy of making enemies with those they will need to vote for them to win will bite them in the end.

I am looking forward to the day that America will vote the foul mouthed, KKK backed, immigrant and Muslim bashing, women disrespecting, devious, divisive, and ego-centric reality show candidate off the island.