Donald Trump Is Such A Crappy President That Even Papa Roach Is Getting Political

When you think of Papa Roach, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the early 2000s. We’re talking JNCO jeans. We’re talking Puka shell necklaces. Spiky haircuts. Angsty rap-rock music, all while their first really huge single, “Last Resort” is playing in the background. And let’s face it, it was a pretty awesome song (come on you know you loved it).

The last thing you’d probably associate with Papa Roach is politics.

Sure, some people roll their eyes whenever artists like musicians or actors comment on anything that’s related to government or politics. But if you look at any artist worth their salt, they were really, really freaking political. Hell, that’s why art was created, so people could freely say whatever they want about humanity and the state of affairs under the ruse of it being “just a story” - just ask William Shakespeare what his plays were about.

And the collective shock of Donald Trump actually being elected is getting a lot of artists to speak up and be more critical of the government now more than ever, like it Snoop Dogg’s BADBADBADNOTGOOD music video.

He sent a pretty strong message by pointing a gun at a clown that wasn’t so subtly representative of Donald Trump.

Papa Roach’s latest single, “Born for Greatness,” tackles political angst ― sans clowns and pointing gag guns at presidents, with a hopeful message.

The lyrics sum up pretty much what everyone who didn’t vote for Donald Trump is feeling right now: “It doesn’t matter if the world’s gone mad/if we just hold on, if we just hold on.” It also just helps to provide even more proof of how low Trump’s approval ratings are, that it got a rock band that’s become synonymous with angry 2000s teens to churn out a really deep and pretty awesome track about how we can’t let garbage politicians get us down.