Donald Trump Is Your Drunk Uncle At Thanksgiving With This Chrome Extension

Everyone's got one. And now, America's got one.

Drunk uncles: everyone's got one. And now, America's got one. 

That's right. Donald Trump IS your drunk uncle at Thanksgiving. Or at least, that's what the Internet says. A new Chrome browser extension by creator Tim Bornholdt will replace Donald Trump with "your drunk uncle at Thanksgiving" on any webpage you visit.

Trump is more than just a GOP hopeful, after all. He's also a TV personality, real estate developer, business author, and now, drunk uncle. 

He's already a drunk uncle in our hearts. But Trump can also be your drunk uncle on Twitter:

 And on Wikipedia:

And even on his own website:

And let's be honest, the Donald does embody many of the traits of your classic drunk uncle: He's spirited! He's opinionated! He shakes his fists and says words loudly and with emphasis! 

Thank you, Internet, for uniting us with our drunk uncle at Thanksgiving. Let's make Thanksgiving great again. 

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