Donald Trump Hits Back At JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon As 'Nervous Mess'

Trump went there on Twitter after the Wall Street executive said he was "smarter" than the president.

Donald Trump couldn’t let it go.

The president attacked JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon as a “poor public speaker & nervous mess” on Thursday, a day after Dimon said he was “smarter” than Trump.

Trump wrote on Twitter that Dimon didn’t have “the aptitude or ‘smarts’” to run for president, then congratulated himself.

“Otherwise he is wonderful,” Trump added. “I’ve made a lot of bankers, and others, look much smarter than they are with my great economic policy.”

Dimon took a swing at Trump at an event at his bank’s New York headquarters on Wednesday.

I think I could beat Trump ... because I’m as tough as he is, I’m smarter than he is,” the CEO reportedly said. “He could punch me all he wants, it wouldn’t work with me. I’d fight right back.”

Dimon added: “And by the way, this wealthy New Yorker actually earned his money. It wasn’t a gift from daddy.” 

The Wall Street executive later backtracked with this statement: 

Dimon hasn’t commented on Trump’s tweet.