Trump Attacks 'Filthy' Jay-Z, Is Quickly Called Out Over His Own Potty Mouth

The president also boasted that he gets bigger crowds.

President Donald Trump called out Jay-Z on Tuesday over language that the hip-hop star and businessman used during a 2016 performance at an event for presidential rival Hillary Clinton

“His language was so filthy that it made me like the most clean-cut human being on earth,” Trump said at a rally in Tennessee. 

Trump was apparently referring to a Nov. 4 rally held days before the election in Cleveland.

He said the only way Clinton was able to fill an arena was to have Jay-Z perform. 

“And by the way, without any musical instruments, I had much bigger crowds than he was drawing,” the president said, adding:

“He’d stand up before those crowds and he’d use the f-word, and Hillary would sit back ‘I’m in trouble, I’m in trouble, oy, please don’t have him use that kind of language anymore.’ And then he’d finish and everyone would leave, and she’d be standing up making a speech to 400 people.”

Critics took to social media to remind Trump of some of the things he’s said:  



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