Donald Trump Promoted His Rally With A Photo He May Have Lifted From CNN's Jim Acosta

The president shared what appeared to be the exact same picture that CNN's Jim Acosta posted online hours earlier.

Maybe President Donald Trump doesn’t think CNN is such “fake news” after all?

Trump promoted his rally in Erie, Pennsylvania on Wednesday with what appeared to be a photograph originally taken by the network’s chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta.

Acosta first tweeted the image at 2:03 p.m.:

Trump posted what appeared to be the same snap less than three hours later:

Trump claimed the crowd had “lined up” outside the Erie Insurance Arena “since last night” so he couldn’t cancel the event and “let these great people down,” despite calls for him to do so with Hurricane Michael hitting Florida.

Acosta, who Trump has previously mocked and ignored, highlighted the apparent lifting of his picture on Twitter:

Acosta later commented on the situation: