This Company Is Seeking A Donald Trump Doppelgänger

"The pay is so high due to the unpopularity of Donald Trump in the U.K. and the demands of the job."
A company in England is recruiting a Donald Trump lookalike for its "Apprentice"-themed team-building events.
A company in England is recruiting a Donald Trump lookalike for its "Apprentice"-themed team-building events.

This could be the dream job for dead ringers of President Donald Trump.

Bosses of a corporate hospitality company in England say they are struggling to recruit a Trump lookalike to get involved in their “Apprentice”-themed team-building events.

London-based Team Tactics is willing to pay the right candidate ― who will have to undergo weekly spray tans and daily hair appointments, and agree to remain “in character” throughout eight-hour training sessions ― a pro rata salary of around $66,000.

“Finding someone suitable” is “proving more difficult” than first anticipated, according to the company’s press release. It cites Trump’s current unpopularity in the United Kingdom and the rigorous demands of the job as being possible contributing factors.

“They have struggled to find someone,” a spokeswoman told HuffPost on Tuesday. “With Trump being who he is, maybe people may not want to highlight if they look like him or maybe he’s just not a fun character to play, we’re not sure.”

The company shared the advertisement for the job to its website on Monday. 

Tina Benson, Team Tactics’ managing director, said the business was still willing “to pay a great rate to finally be able to tell a lookalike ‘you’re hired.’”

“As we all know, President Trump has yet to visit the U.K. as the POTUS, after his demands for the Queen’s Golden Coach to be used as mode of transport didn’t go down all too well!” Benson said. “However, we’re excited to be making his first state visit ― kind of ― happen.”

Check out the job description here.