Donald Trump Puts Outrageous Condition On Potential Debate With Joe Biden

Trump revived unfounded accusations against Biden while making his debate demand.

Donald Trump on Thursday accused President Joe Biden of being “higher than a kite,” and insisted that any debate with him “should be drug-tested.” (Check out the clip below.)

In an interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, Trump revived his baseless insinuation that Biden used cocaine, this time during his fiery State of the Union speech last month.

A baggie of the drug was found last summer in a heavily trafficked area of the White House. Without evidence, Trump accused both Hunter Biden and his father of using the stash. But the Secret Service said it could not finger the culprit.

Asked by Hewitt whether he thinks Biden will agree to a debate before their expected rematch in November, Trump replied: “I don’t think so, but I hope he does ... You know that white stuff that they happened to find, which happened to be cocaine in the White House? I don’t know, I think something’s going on there, because I watched his State of the Union, and he was all jacked up at the beginning. By the end, he was fading fast. There’s something going on there.”

“I want to debate,” Trump continued. “And I think debates, with him at least, should be drug-tested. I want a drug test.”

Hewitt asked the presumptive GOP nominee if he was suggesting that Biden is using cocaine.

“I don’t know what he’s using, but that was not ― hey, he was higher than a kite,” Trump replied.

“He’s obviously, he’s being helped some way, because most of the time he looks like he’s falling asleep,” Trump added. “All of a sudden, he walked up there ― and did a poor job ― but he was all jacked up.”

In a statement to Forbes, Biden campaign spokesperson Ammar Moussa dismissed Trump’s comments as “a bizarre outburst,” while noting his “toxic agenda.”

Trump has repeatedly called on Biden to debate him, after declining to participate in any of the Republican presidential primary debates.

Biden said last month that a debate would depend on the former president’s “behavior.”

Trump also declared that Biden should take a drug test before their 2020 debates.

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