Donald Trump Weighs In On Crucial NFL Question: Is Joe Flacco Elite?

It's the question and answer the Internet has been waiting for.

It's a question that's plagued the online NFL community for years: Is Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco an elite quarterback?  

Sorting NFL quarterbacks into different tiers of ability is an armchair analyst's favorite mental exercise, and because we expect our potential presidents to have a working knowledge of both sports and international nuclear deals, prospective Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was asked about Joe Flacco's eliteness during a Twitter Q&A on Monday in the social media platform's New York offices

So Donald, is Flacco elite or what?

“I think Joe Flacco is, actually, a very elite quarterback," Trump answered. "He won a Super Bowl. He did it, to a certain extent, with that great arm of his. I would say, absolutely, he is an elite quarterback.” 

The Internet finally has its answer. Trump's decided it for us: Joe Flacco is elite! 

Here's why: Flacco, despite having plainly above-average career regular season statistics through 114 games, is a Super Bowl MVP, is responsible for one of the greatest postseason quarterbacking runs in NFL history (11 touchdowns and zero interceptions across four games), and most important, was once the game's highest-paid player for a time after winning Super Bowl XLVII over the San Francisco 49ers in 2013. 

A big arm, big championship ring and big contract are what makes Flacco not just elite, but "very elite." Sure. It's no surprise Trump sees this in Flacco though -- leveraging past successes to acquire an overblown current status is the man's speciality, is it not? 

Thanks for settling this one, Donald. 

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