Donald Trump Is The New Joseph McCarthy, Blogger Says

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Republican presidential candidate and real estate mogul Donald Trump has already been compared to Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and fictional bad guy Biff Tannen.

Now, progressive blogger Billmon has added to the list: He tweeted Friday that Trump had a few things in common with Joseph McCarthy, the Republican senator from Wisconsin who rose to prominence by stoking anti-communist fears in the 1950s.

After Trump said he supported establishing a database to track Muslims living in the United States, Billmon pointed out that Trump was making xenophobia a defining issue of his campaign. It's reminiscent of how McCarthy used his crusade against communism as a way to remain in the political spotlight, Billmon tweeted.

Trump, who launched his presidential campaign by claiming that undocumented immigrants in the United States from Mexico were "criminals" and "rapists," has also taken credit for making immigration a central issue of the 2016 race.

Read Billmon's full comparison below:

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