Donald Trump Really Doesn't Want Jon Ossoff In Congress

The president is following the Georgia special election closely.

President Donald Trump appears to be very concerned about Tuesday’s special election in Georgia, where Democrat Jon Ossoff is attempting to pull off an upset in a conservative district that became vacant when the president nominated former Rep. Tom Price as his health and human services secretary earlier this year.

Trump has tweeted about the race four times in the last 24 hours ― urging residents in the district to vote for any of the 11 Republican candidates in order to deny Ossoff an outright victory and force the race into a runoff.

Trump is right ― his party stands a much greater chance of retaining a seat it has consistently held since the 1970s if members force the race to a runoff election. A victory for Ossoff, who is a 30-year-old former congressional staffer, would deal a symbolic blow to Trump’s nascent administration and signal that anti-Trump sentiment among Democrats has staying power. 

HuffPost Pollster’s average currently puts Ossoff at just below 43 percent:

The president also warned in an email sent to supporters on Tuesday morning that the seat was in danger of falling “into the hands of an extreme liberal” in an email sent to supporters on Tuesday morning. He included an audio recording of his message to residents of Georgia’s 6th Congressional District.

This article has been updated with details information about the email Trump sent Tuesday.



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