Donald Trump Jr. Trashed Over New NSFW Attack On Joe Biden

The Trump scion raised eyebrows with his graphic post about the president.

Critics on Sunday slammed Donald Trump Jr.’s NSFW comment about President Joe Biden, calling it “tasteless” and “so weird.”

The New York Times’ Katie Rogers reported in her upcoming book “American Woman: The Transformation of the Modern First Lady, from Hillary Clinton to Jill Biden” that Biden has joked “good sex” is the key to his marriage with first lady Jill Biden. The Daily Mail published an excerpt Friday.

Trump Jr. first responded on X: “Fucking the entire country doesn’t count!!!”

The Trump scion — who has previously shared a Pornhub-themed meme of his father — posted the article to the platform formerly known as Twitter again Sunday, but with a more graphic comment that fed into conservative claims that Biden is too old to be POTUS.

Biden is 81. Republican front-runner Donald Trump is 77.

“There’s literally no amount of Viagra on earth that’s going to give Joe Biden (who can barely walk without falling over) wood. Just stop!” said Trump Jr. “The more desperate they become trying to make him seem young and vibrant the more obvious it is to everyone that he’s not up to any task!”

On Instagram, he wrote:

“And for the record, I’ll take things that ain’t happening for 1000 Alex. LOL. The lengths they are going to try to make someone who can’t form a complete sentence or walk up or down stairs without falling seem young and vibrant are truly spectacular. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this level of mental gymnastics. He can’t walk, talk, or think… but he’s a beast in the sack.”

The Trump Organization executive was earlier this month found liable for multiple civil fraud counts during his father and company’s civil fraud trial in New York. He was ordered to pay $4 million in damages.

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